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Who we are

Infantia is a Swiss non-profit foundation created in 1999 by Martin Velasco and regulated by the Swiss Law Foundation. Its principal aim is to help improve living conditions and provide necessary education and healthcare for worldwide disadvantaged children.
Infantia is supported by an international network of entrepreneurs and professionals:

Board of Directors:

  • Martin Velasco, Chairman, Entrepreneur, Geneva
  • Bernadette Schindler-Velasco, Lawyer, Geneva
  • Clarence Peter, Lawyer, Geneva

    Advisory Board:

  • Andreas Dannenberg, President AD-Media K.K., Tokyo
  • Andrey Zarur, President and CEO BioProcessors, Boston
  • Barry Stamps, Founder & CEO Algonquin Trust, Switzerland
  • Clarence Peter, Lawyer PPSP, Geneva
  • Dan Putterman, CEO Mediabolic, San Francisco
  • David Sibbald, Chairman Sumerian Networks, Glasgow
  • Hans-Ulrich von Freyberg, CEO Cocomore, Frankfurt
  • Jacky Munger, Board Member Speedlingua, Luxembourg
  • Jean-Pascal Tranié, General Managing Partner Aloe Group, Paris
  • Jose Castello, Entrepreneur, Mexico
  • Luc Santarelli, Partner Cabinet Rinuy, Santarelli, Paris
  • Olivier Lapidus, Fashion Designer, Paris

  • Infantia Office:
  • Julia Sutter, Executive Assistant Martin Velasco, Geneva
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